Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Gift Guide + Cyber Monday Promos
Lilly Pulitzer Printed Pajamas

You know your week is going to be good when it starts with a Lilly Pulitzer promo! Yes, Lilly is celebrating Cyber Monday (or “Cyber Funday” as they’re calling it) and today only, Lilly Lovers can receive some amazing exclusive gifts with purchase when shopping. Say what??

I’m so pumped to be able to reveal that I have all the info on the gifts and at what times today each will be available… Peep the handy dandy chart below for deets!Lilly Pulitzer Cyber Monday Gifts

Awesome right? I mean… I personally am dying for that wine bottle sleeve or the Christmas tree ornament.

Now without further adieu I’m excited to share my 2016 Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Gift Guide! Guys, this was tough to put together. Everything is so dang cute! #LillyLover struggles right? My absolute top favorite things can be found below and include winter-appropriate outerwear, accessories and home goods. Since I couldn’t include the entire website make sure you check out the Gifts section for more items that would make the perfect colorful present (or presents…)

Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Gift Guide

Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Gift Guide
Down Vests (multiple colors available) | Gold Jewelry (& more!) | Lacquer Coffee Table Tray | Printed Carryall Weekender Tote | Cashmere Wrap (multiple colors available) | Printed Makeup Case | Votive Candle Set | Printed Popovers (with UPF50 protection!) | Printed Resort Scarves | Wine Glass Duo | Coaster Set | 12-Month 2017 Agendas | Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

One last thing before I let you head off shopping! PAJAMAS. Yes, Lilly Pulitzer now has printed pjs!!! I was lucky enough to get a pair of the pants early and they’re so good! 100% cotton and available in a variety of colors and prints! If you aren’t into pj pants then I suggest checking out the shorts.  😛

Lilly Pulitzer Printed Pajamas

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Shop Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Gifts

- Katie


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