Puerto Rico | Beach & Pool at Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve
Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach Infinity Pool Infinity Pool at Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach Bikini Lab Embroidered Bustier Bikini

Mikoh Banyans Bikini Dorado Beach Puerto Rico

Mikoh Banyans Bikini Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach Infinity Pool Dorado Beach Puerto Rico Katie's Bliss Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach Infinity Pool at Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Mikoh Banyans Bikini Bikini Lab Embroidered Bustier Bikini Mikoh Banyans Bikini I was wearing…
Black bikini (only $30!) | Lavender bikini (comes in a ton of fun colors) | Panama hat | Mirrored aviators

One of the biggest draws of Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve is the oceanfront infinity pool and private beach. We tried our best to do the property justice, but trust me, both are more beautiful in person. I have never seen or swam in such a stunning pool. As many activities as there were on the property, we spent most of our time going between the beach and the pool – both of which are just a few steps from one another. Convenient right? The pool literally felt like a bathtub and the ocean water was so crystal clear and clean. When the Rockefellers developed the property they actually built a wall of rocks out in the water essentially creating a lagoon perfect for undisturbed swimming.

One of my favorite things about the pool was the fresh coconuts the attendants would gather and pass out. No joke, I probably drank five per day… The coconuts definitely deterred me from ordering endless pina coladas – probably a good thing considering I’m already coming back from this trip ten pounds heavier.

What made the oceanfront experience so special is how relaxed and private it felt – even though there were many other guests. That’s what I found so great about Dorado Beach, the layout of the rooms and the property gives guests the feeling of total seclusion. Our entire time there we never felt other guests were on top of us. It was perfect for taking photos and we felt like we were in our own tropical retreat. I am so not ready to head back to reality!

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- Katie


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