Apartment Update Media Console Decor

Katies Bliss Media Console and Living RoomAll Modern media console
Katies Bliss Living Room Decor

Pink vase | White frame | Candle | Succulents

Katies Bliss Living Room Decor

Katies Bliss Living Room Decor

Flower vase | Owl Figurine
Katies Bliss Living Room Decor

Gold urchin | African Violets | Vase | Candle 

Katies Bliss Living Room Decor

Fig Leaf Tree | Water Hyacinth Basket | Throw blanket

Katies Bliss Living Room Decor

Tiered bookshelf

It was so important for us to have a comfortable and styled living room in our new apartment. I knew I wanted the media console to be the focal point of the room and it took some time before we found the right one. I noticed that consoles and media centers typically run upwards of $1,000, but I found our All Modern media console for under $300. Seriously such a steal!

Once we had the console I accessorized with a few items and knick-knacks from our old apartment as well as some new things I purchased. I highly suggest you check out the home sections at Target and Anthrologie. Both stores are my fave when it comes to decor.

Let me know if you have any questions about our TV setup! Our apartment is very very close to being finished so expect a full reveal and tour within the coming months. Nick and I both love our place and I’m so excited to share with you guys.

- Katie


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