Crushing On: Graphic Sweaters
Guys I feel like I’m always the last one to jump on a trend. Each season there’s a new fad that makes it’s way on to style blogs that I at first hate (aka peplum tops, mullet skirts, printed jeans, etc) but eventually after I see more and more of it, it grows on me and I end up trying it out for myself. I was hesitant about graphic sweaters at first – they just seemed a little childish and I wasn’t sure if I could pull one off, but I’m thinking this year I may try one out. I never like to spend a lot of money on passing trends so if I do end up purchasing a graphic sweater it will definitely be at a lower price point. 
Love this one J. Crew! Navy and white is such a classic color combo, definitely a more mature option out of many of the graphic sweaters I’ve seen.

I’m a sucker for anything with an animal on it – especially a pup! 

I’ve seen so many variations of sweaters and tops with this type of lip print (at WAY higher prices). To me this is definitely a passing trend item but I’d be willing to get this one from F21 because of the low price. 

J. Crew Factory always has great on-trend items at an affordable price point – been eyeing this one for a while now! Should I snatch it before it sells out for good?
What do you guys think of the graphic sweater trend? Passing trend or is it here to stay? If you’re thinking about purchasing a graphic sweater (or any sweater for that matter) definitely check out – select new fall items are 25% off with code FALLSTYLE. Now’s the time peeps…

- Katie


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