Touring Washington D.C.
I was wearing…
One of our days in D.C. we spent the entire afternoon walking downtown and touring the National Mall. I didn’t really do a lot of research prior to arriving so I had no idea how spread out all the monuments are from one another. I figured that all the monuments and sites were within a short walking distance of one another and we’d be able to see everything within two hours. Nope – I was so wrong. Everything in D.C. is pretty spread out so we ended doing a ton of walking. It was at HOT day too – I’m talking a humid 90+ degrees and sunny – so we were literally drenched in sweat and exhausted by the end of the day. 
The downtown area and the National Mall were extremely crowded so it was hard to find a spot for outfit photos but we did end up getting a few on a walking path looking out at the Jefferson Memorial. The rest of these photos were all taken with my iPhone (sorry for all the touristy pics). It was just too hot to be using my DSLR. I’m happy though with how much we were able to see in just one afternoon. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, National Monument (which was under construction), World War II Memorial, White House, Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and a Navy Memorial. I’m sure we missed a few things but I know we’ll eventually be back. 

- Katie


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