DIY: The Spotlight Nail
Now that I’ve finally grasped the art of basic nail painting (my mom painted my nails for me up until I was 19) I’ve moved on to some more advanced and creative manicures. After seeing a nail tutorial on I decided to recreate a simpler look using the leftover gold glitter from my Miu Miu-inspired glitter heels. What resulted is what I am now calling the “spotlight nail.” I first painted all my nails using one of my favorite polishes, Estée Lauder Extravagant Pearl, but instead of letting my ring fingers dry I sprinkled on a little bit of the gold glitter. Such a fun and easy way to “bling out” an otherwise simple manicure
Estée Lauder nail lacquer in Extravagant Pearl + extra fine gold glitter


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- Katie


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