5 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Home Decor Hacks

Trust me when I say: that it’s no easy feat making an apartment feel like home when renting. Lease agreements can have a multitude of restrictions from not being able to paint surfaces to the what you can hang on your walls. I’ve now undergone the process of decorating a rental twice, during which I learned a lot about my own taste and how to bring life to a small space on a tiny budget. Our first place was your typical post-college-just-moved-to-NYC rental. It was way too small and basically falling apart, but we did a good job with what we had! You can see my posts about it here and here.

I’m really proud of our current apartment. We’ve been living here for over a year and could not be happy more happy with our home. It was a standard white box when we moved in, but since then we’ve transformed it thanks to some simple hacks and smart decor purchases — none of which required any major alterations! Today I’m excited to share my second video with Maison Jules where I’ll be sharing some advice + giving you a peak into how we’ve decorated our home.  🙂


Give White Walls Life. Hang a large piece of statement art or create a gallery wall to cover plain white walls. Check out my how-to guide here!

Dual-Function Storage. Lacking closet space? Then opt for storage options with dual functions that won’t be any eyesore like displaying shoes on shelves, utilizing a garment rack to hang items you regularly wear or swap in an ottoman to function as seating and storage.

DIY Home Decor Hacks

Utilize Mirrors. Oversized mirrors are one of the best ways to make a small room appear larger. Place an infinity mirror opposite of a hallway or window to reflect light and give more perception of depth.

DIY Home Decor Hacks

Decorate With Plants & Florals. Now that I live in a large city I appreciate nature so much more. I love bringing the outdoors inside with greenery and flowers. Succulents and fiddle fig leaf plants are great if you have a busy lifestyle like me because they require little care!

Pops Of Color. You can easily and inexpensively give your space personality by adding pops of color with decorative pillows, throw blankets and coffee table books.

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  1. Tess Felber says:

    I live in Boston and have the same renting struggle! Mirrors have become my best friend but they work in really making the space seem bigger! I love your shoe wall, not better feeling than feeling like you live in your own little shoe store 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  2. Gloria says:

    Great tips for small spaces and rental apartments. Thanks so much Katie, we appreciate all of your
    helpful ideas. You have come a long way from your first rental.

  3. I’m all about mirrors! The open up a room in a second and can either be hung on a wall or even leaned against a wall. Easy to add or move!

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