Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Deals

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale DealsThe Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here! I woke up early this morning to check out the selection of sale items and I’m really impressed. I always use sales like this as an opportunity to splurge on a “big” item or replace worn pieces in my closet that are due for retirement. Out of everything, I’m most excited about the scarves (lots of great plaid options), shoes (hello Tory Burch riding boots), tops (wide selection under $50) and dresses (so many good ones under $100).

Currently the sale is only open to those with a Nordstrom credit card. It’s really easy to apply and you can sign up today HERE. I’m not the biggest fan of retail credit cards, but I really love and recommend Nordstrom’s because you can earn points that basically act as free money — plus you get access to great sales like this one! For more details on the sale definitely make sure you check out this post where I break down all the details.





So what’s everyone thinking of buying? My cart is currently looking a little crazy… It’s so hard to narrow things down because the deals are too good! I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping over the next few weeks  😯 

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  1. Lauren says:

    Definitely want new sunglasses. Tory burch boots. The sale is also open to people who have Nordstrom debit cards. I have to wait until the 22nd since I’m an employee so the customers better not buy all those Tory Burch riding boots before then lol! Employee discount is about to come in clutch.

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