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Grey Couch Bedroom Inspiration Cozy Grey Sectional Lucite Console Navy Headboard Neutral Living Room


All images via Katie’s Bliss on Pinterest

It’s starting to resonate in my mind that we’re actually moving! I mentioned on Instagram last night that the only life I’ve ever known in New York has been the one we’ve had while living in our current apartment. After 2.5  years of the same routine it’s going to be weird walking down new streets, taking a different subway, having to order takeout from new restaurants. Just the other night we made our first big purchase for the new place – our bed. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t take five weeks to ship to us…

If you follow me on Pinterest then you’ve probably already gotten an idea of my inspiration for decorating. I want the living room to feel very light, open and cozy so the main color I want to use is light grey. As I do live with a man, I’m not opposed to the bedroom feeling more masculine. Our new bed is a dark navy so I plan to add some deeper colors in the mix – we’ll see!

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  1. So excited for you and know you will love the new place! And I am loving that gallery wall in the first pic.

    xoxo Nicole

  2. Michelle says:

    I love the first picture with all of the photos and grey and also the last picture with all white everything! Represents my current home decor well!


  3. Arianne says:

    the second photo looks lovely! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your new place!
    what color motif do you have in mind?

  4. risse says:

    I can not wait until you start start posting photos of the place and giving an apartment tour .

  5. Janice Lau says:

    Amazing! Actually, I was browsing for great ideas that I can use in renovating my unit at The Santorini. This site is so great. Frames, frames is just I need!

  6. Lim Boon Ching says:

    What a wonderful creation! This is indeed a good inspiration. It’s so nice to see a neat designed.This one is quite simple but looking so elegant. Seems very perfect for my new freehold commercial property in Singapore.

  7. Denise Lee says:

    Finally! I got a good idea on what to do with my condo at low rise residential at Geylang, Singapore. I like style and design of this condo. It gives me a refreshing feeling. It would be nice to stay in this place.

  8. Joyce Bridge says:

    I Know hoe you feel Kate. I felt the same when we first move in Bellewoods in Singapore. Well, it’s a good thing that our neighbor are too kind. I got no problem with my current stay in here. However, I do get an inspiration from your collection. 🙂

  9. Ashley says:

    I’m confused, I thought you said you would be posting an apartment tour sometime last week? My mistake I guess. Can’t wait for it though!

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