Updated New York City Apartment Tour

I know it took me some time, but as you can see I’ve re-filmed our apartment tour incorporating all of our new recent updates and upgrades. Our place is tiny and our building is old, but I really think we’ve been able to turn it into a home that’s comfy and cozy. You can see our previous apartment tour here.

At the end of August we renewed our lease for one more year. We were debating moving because we currently can afford a rent that’s a bit higher, but in the end we decided it would be the financially responsible thing to stay here and SAVE for one more year. We still both have school loans we’re paying off and we’re planning a big trip to Europe for next summer 🙂 Both of these things would be harder to pay for if we tacked on a more costly rent every month.  I mean, we’re in our early 20s – no need for a fancy place yet. Am I right?

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Some of the items mentioned in the video!

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12 Responses to Updated New York City Apartment Tour

  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    Your place is so darling! You’ve definitely made the most of your space 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    My boyfriend and I are in the same boat. We almost moved to a more expensive apartment this year, but we’re saving up to be able to buy a condo! Only one more year in our tiny, 500 square foot shoebox!

  3. I absolutely love this!!! You made such a great use of space! Thanks so much for sharing!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  4. Lauren says:

    Your apartment is adorable!! Thanks for showing what it’s really like to live in a city! I live in Boston and space is always a challenge!


  5. I love the new updates, Katie! I have been searching for a coffee table that is small and doesn’t take up a ton of space and love the one you found! May need to check out wayfair!

  6. Ann-Louise says:

    Aww your apartment is so cute! Love your little plce. I want to live there!

  7. Kelly Larkin says:


    So fun! 🙂 You have done such wonders with your space!! Looks amazing. I also think the people who (quite meanly) commented in the last video simply don’t understand what NYC apartments are like. (I had one on the Upper East Side once that was even smaller, haha. And I still liked it!) It’s all about being creative, forgetting what other people have outside of the city, and what you do with it. You have an AMAZING one–and you’re right… I think it’s totally worth having less space in exchange for a great neighborhood. You can’t beat the West Village!

    I’m supposed to be doing an apartment tour next week and I’m super nervous… Loved seeing yours and getting inspiration from you!

    Kelly | Kellyinthecity.com

  8. Arianne says:

    I LOVE that you and Nick are so mature and financially responsible.. Seriously such normal people 🙂 The apartment looks amazing!

  9. Puja says:

    Love it! It DOES seem like such a cosy environment and I love what you’ve done with the place! What a pleasure to be living in NYC, right?!?!

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  10. Esty says:

    Katie, I would love to see an organizational tip video or blog post! You have such limited space but manage to store it all so nicely without looking cluttered! I have a much larger apartment with a probably half of what you own and I still can’t organize well enough!


  11. Ian G. Elbanbuena says:

    Simple words, the setup was as beautiful as the owner. great work katie. Guess the space has become even wider with the light-color paint on it. Would be planning to apply this on my newly launch condo here in singapore too just looking for some other ideas though.

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