25% Off J. Crew Fall Arrivals

J Crew Fall 2014 Collection

Fall is here, at least according to retailers. On Monday when we got back from Saratoga I literally went to 5+ stores in Soho looking for a dress for an event this weekend and couldn’t find A THING. It was so disappointing! All the dresses I looked at were totally inappropriate for the warm weather we still have. I ended up leaving my trek empty handed and exhausted – it probably contributed to the seizure I had later that night (if you didn’t know, I explain here). But seriously, word to the wise, DO NOT go shopping in downtown NYC unless you are fully hydrated and energized. I’m no longer leaving my apartment without a water bottle…

BUT back to the point of today’s post! J. Crew is offering 25% off many of the new Fall arrivals. I’m contemplating a few things… You can never have too many sweaters and I have a feeling this vest is going to be the IT outerwear accessory of the season. Sadly this lavender coat isn’t part of the offer but I may end up getting it anyways. I was OBSESSED with pink coats last year but I never bit the bullet and bought one. Maybe now’s the time…

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  1. Erica McLeod says:

    That coat is beautiful! Unfortunately, since I live in Florida, coats just sit in my closet with pretty much no use at all. So all I can do is admire the beautiful coats of everyone living up North!

  2. Elena says:

    Ahhh J. Crew’s sales are always so tempting! Loving all of their outerwear right now but it’s really not necessary considering it’s still in the high 70’s in Southern California. I may have to make an exception for that vest though!

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