3 Steps to Healthier Hair

3 Steps to Healthier Hair

Happy Friday guys! Yes, I’m finalllly back with a new video. If you haven’t already please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I don’t always post every single video I upload here. Today I’m going to be showing you three things I do on a regular basis to keep my hair healthy and strong. Since I’ve started doing these, I’ve noticed that my hair is shinier, thicker and does not fall out as much.

I was AWFUL about caring my hair in college. Seriously when I would shower CLUMPS of my hair would just fall out. It was kind of scary. I think it mostly had to do with poor diet and nutrition, stress and not using protective products. Well, as you can see from the video – that has changed! Hope you like it!

On a personal note, I’m off to Saratoga for the holiday weekend with Krista and our boys – so excited! I’ve never been to Saratoga before, so if you have let me know the places we have to go! xo

- Katie


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