Cinched Pants

Old Navy Bucket Bag

Lately Nick and I have been really into looking at apartments. Every night we probably spend at least an hour browsing potential new places online – it’s become this weird obsession. We don’t even know for sure if we’re going to be moving in September but it’s still fun to look. We took things one step further and actually went to an open house for an East Village apartment we found online that looked amazing. Turns out it wasn’t that great in person (of course) but it was still a learning experience and gave us an idea of what we’ll be getting ourselves into once it comes time to move. If you guys have any tips for us when it comes to moving apartments or know of any great resources definitely let me know!

Old Navy Bucket Bag Old Navy Cinched Pants Old Navy Bucket Bag

I was wearing…
Old Navy Top | Pants | Sandals | Bag | Julie Vos necklace

- Katie


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