Thinking of Spring

The forecast for tomorrow is 52 degrees and sunny so you best believe I am ready to get outdoors this weekend. Tomorrow Nick and I are planning to head uptown for a little shopping and some sightseeing in Central Park. I haven’t visiting Central Park since the summer so I’m excited to take some pictures and scope out some new spots I haven’t found yet. I’ve been daydreaming a lot about all the outfits I can’t wait to wear once the weather warms up for good. Below are a few pieces I would just love to add to my wardrobe – lots of navy and yellow, quirky sunglasses, comfy cotton staples, bright accessories – all come to mind when envisioning my dream spring/summer closet. Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring Wishlist Katie's Bliss


Necklace | Hat | Clutch | Sunglasses | Scarf | Sandals | Tote | Stripe Top | Trench Coat | Navy Dress | Check Dress

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  1. Michelle Oates says:

    I love navy and yellow! Or navy and the right green. Two of my favorite spring color combinations. On the central park note, my husband is from New York and we went back to visit a few years ago and spent one long afternoon just walking the park. It is so beautiful. We found a place he had never seen before and he grew up there. Have a great time!

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