Valentine’s Day Gift Guide| For the Guys

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Men


1. Cole Haan Chukka Boots 2. Burberry Check Wallet  3. J. Crew Cashmere Sweater 4. J. Crew Bomber Jacket 5. Van Der Hagen Shave Set 6. Ray Ban Aviators 7. J. Crew Weekender 8. Tommy Hilfiger Watch 9. Tom Ford Cologne 10. Beats By Dre Limited Edition Headphones 11. Matador Outpost Briefcase 12. J. Crew Boxers

Just a few ideas of what you can get your guy for Valentine’s Day… If he’s looking for a new bag for work at an affordable price point then a Matador briefcase is the way to go. You also can’t go wrong with a new cologne, boxers, leather strap watch, new shoes or a wallet. For more ideas I’d check out Nordstrom’s gift guide for men here and J. Crew’s here. And No Nick – none of your gifts are on this guide! No hints for you :P

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71 Responses to Valentine’s Day Gift Guide| For the Guys

  1. Angela says:

    That leather watch it lovely, such good ideas!

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