Festive Holiday Drinks
So as I’m sure many of you know Santacon took place last weekend in NYC. If you don’t know what it is basically a ton of people dress up like santa (or his elves), get really drunk and run around New York bar hopping in the freezing cold. Fun right? For pics check out my Instagram
A few of my college friends were in town and I thought it’d be cute to utilize my hostess skills and put together a cute tray of holiday drinks. My friend Brianna sent me all of these festive Target glasses and koozies so I was totally in the holiday spirit. Now don’t judge my choice of alcohol. I’m by no means a connoisseur. Wine is wine to me and I always will buy the cheapest one. Some of these drinks I’ve actually had for a while but haven’t had anyone to drink it with so I figured since my friends were here it was the perfect time. Plus I think my tray turned out pretty cute 😛 All the accessories including the tray are from Target!

- Katie


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