Casual Friday | Embellished Sweater + Felt Hat

I was wearing…
This is me on the weekends/any day I have off – leggings, sweater, tote and now my new Topshop hat! I popped into the Topshop Soho store last weekend and was immediately drawn to the hat and jewelry sections. There were a few felt hats in different colors/styles but in the end I decided on this lavender one. I’d always thought I wasn’t a hat person but after getting hooked on wearing a Panama hat all summer long, I’ve opened up to them and I’m trying more styles. I also got this super cute cameo ring! I love getting all my rings from Topshop because they actually carry rings in different sizes. I have skinny fingers so I need a size small 🙂 
Tell me – do you guys wear hats and rings? If so what styles and where do you like to buy them? So far I’ve had great luck at Topshop but I’d love to hear your suggestions on where else to shop!

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  1. Hats. I love them, just on other people. I can never pull them off. (Maybe my big head). But yours is absolutely perfect!
    Your Friend, Jess

  2. Joe says:

    Super cute!

  3. Love this look! Sweatshirts are my favorite right now. So many “dressy” options!


  4. I love this look Katie! And that hat…. so perfect! Happy Sunday.

  5. ohh love the color of your flats! x

    & Pretty Things

  6. ohh love the color of your flats! x

    & Pretty Things

  7. Katy Rose says:

    Love the color of the purse and how you worked in another color through your shoes. Such a great relaxed look! – Katy

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