What’s In My Little Black Bag?

Hey guys! A few weeks back I finally got the chance to try out Little Black Bag – an interactive shopping site that I’d heard about frequently over the past year. Here’s how it works: Little Black Bag is loosely based on a Japanese tradition known as the “Lucky Bag Sale.” Retailers will sell mystery bags of products and customers buy these bags and trade the items inside with their friends. Little Black Bag basically brings this shopping concept to the Internet.  
When you go to the website you’ll see they have all types of items – shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty products, etc. How it works is you get to choose one item you really want – I chose the Vince Camuto wedges pictured (retail value $118) – and then Little Black Bag chose two more items for me to complete my Little Black Bag. But here’s the fun part: if you don’t like the two items that were chosen for you – you can trade with other members of Little Black Bag to get what you want. 
I was originally given two pairs of earrings to complete my bag. I personally don’t wear earrings often so I traded for a pack of my favorite hair ties and a First Aid Beauty face cream (love this stuff). I also received a Michael Todd face mask as a free extra in my bag. The total price of my bag came to $60 plus shipping which I paid for using the voucher I was provided by Little Black Bag.
I’ve seen mixed reviews on Little Black Bag but to me it was totally worth the price and I would purchase from there again on my own. You do the math – I got a pair of $118 shoes that I genuinely really love (see me wearing here and here) for $60. That alone made the purchase worth it to me – the hair ties, face cream and mask were basically just added bonuses!
Little Black Bag is offering Katie’s Bliss readers a free trial ($30 value) to the site – so basically if you click this link you’ll be given $30 to spend on LittleBlackBag.com. If I was you I’d do it! I think this site is so fun and a unique shopping experience you really don’t see anywhere else online. Happy shopping but more importantly happy Friday!! xo

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6 Responses to What’s In My Little Black Bag?

  1. This is such a cute “little” concept, especially because I love those wedges. I will definitely be trying it. Thanks for the free trial!

    Your Friend, Jess

  2. J. Parker says:

    Ooh I’m always excited about a good deal – I love Birchbox and Ipsy so this seems like a really neat twist on those concepts!
    I can’t wait to try it out and see what kind of luck the shopping gods have in store for me! 😉

    j. parker

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  4. I love the LWD (little white dress) you are wearing. So pretty!


  5. Rosa says:

    Da hast du ja immer einige Kosmetikartikel mit dabei, erinnert mich daran, dass ich unbedingt mal wieder neue Produkte brauche.

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