Gallery Wall Inspiration
I go through phases when it comes to decorating our apartment. We’ve been here about a year (next week is our official 1 year mark – eek!) and still so many of our walls are bare. I think part of the reason why we’ve slacked so terribly is because we do plan on upgrading to a new apartment in another year’s time. So I think having that in the back of my mind has swayed me from really taking on decorating full force. 
Regardless of whether or not we do fully decorate this apartment before we move out, there is one thing I MUST accomplish this month – finishing our gallery wall. I began collecting pieces back in April and still I’m not finished. I ordered a few more prints from Etsy this week and I have to get more frames, then all we have to do is hang! I promise I’ll share when it’s done – hoping to create a DIY video too. In the meantime though here are the pictures I’m inspired by – I actually created a gallery wall Pinterest board if you’re interested in seeing more of my ideas.

- Katie


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