Orange & Blue + Ladylike Shoes

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Happy Happy Friday everyone! I could literally sing it from the rooftops I am so happy it’s the weekend! Today I’m celebrating by wearing one of my absolute favorite color combos: blue and orange. I think out of every skirt style I’ve tried, A-line circle skirts are the most flattering on me. I always get so many compliments when I wear them! And speaking of compliments – Nick is not the biggest fan of my new Nine West sandals (which I love), but when we walked over to Washington Square Park to take these photos a few people told me they loved my shoes! One guy also informed he had an “ankle fetish” when complimenting my shoes. TMI right?? Not sure why I’m even telling this story but hey, that’s what you get in Washington Square Park. #crazies

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  1. these are so fun! remind me of barbie shoes
    kw ladies in navy

  2. Faith J. says:

    Fantastic, love the denim jacket, it makes your outfit very unique, and the shoes of course too. Great color combo.

  3. Caroline says:

    The shoes add such a fun element to a classic look! I love everything that happens to me in WSP so many people and their crazy thoughts.

    ~ Caroline

  4. That’s exactly why all women should dress for themselves and not think of others! The shoes may a bit girly for me, but you can totally rock them.

    Your Friend, Jess

  5. J. Parker says:

    Ahhh those shoes! I’m having total Cher in Clueless flashbacks now – love it! 🙂

    And I am in LOVE with fun, flirty A-line circle skirts, too! I wear a ton of pencil skirts for work (merrr corporate life) so they seem a little tainted and I rarely wear them in “civilian” outfits now. These beauties are the perfect solution though!

    j. parker

  6. Niki Caron says:

    Guys just don’t understand women’s fashion sometimes! Those sandals are adorable! I love the entire outfit!

  7. Adorable shoes. Cheers. 🙂

  8. This such a great outfit! And super cute shoes! 🙂

  9. What a lovely color combination, and I love the touch of plaid from your handbag. Really lovely!

  10. What fun heels! Love your blue & orange, I love these colors together. Looking lovely!

  11. I love the principles of combining opposite of a color wheel, so gorgeous and a cute look overall :o). Xx

  12. john meh says:

    Very informative blog article.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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