Watercolor Prints & Monograms on Barrow Street
I was wearing…
You’re probably wondering why the monogram on my C. Wonder bag is CMJ? If you read my 5 Things About Me post then you already know, my real name is Catherine. Yep, Catherine with a C. Every summer when I was in grade school I would sit down with my mom and go through the Lands’ End catalogue to choose my new backpack for the upcoming school year. If you’re a 90’s kid then you know that no Lands’ End backpack is complete without your initials. I’ve just always used CMJ for my monogram, even though I go by Katie, it constantly confuses people but I just don’t think I could ever switch to using K. Haha does anyone else have a weird initial/name conundrum like me? My middle name is Jessica in case you were wondering.
Anyways – the point of this post was to let you guys know, your girl loves monograms. C. Wonder actually just launched their new website yesterday and it features an entire monogram shop. Bags, tops, hats, jewelry – they’ll monogram it for you. Awesome right? I may have to revert back to the ways of my childhood and start monogramming everything I own now…
And FYI Barrow Street is so dang pretty. Definitely coming back to this West Village spot to take more outfit pics and Instagrams. Happy Wednesday everyone!
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- Katie


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