Summer Beach & Swim Essentials

Summer Essentials:
Beauty Needs:
Persifor clutch | Lancome Flash Bronzer | Estee Lauder BB Cream | Waterproof Mascara | Hair Ties | Lip Balm | Powder | Tissues

During the summer I always like to have a tote bag ready filled with my summer essentials for a trip to the pool or beach. In college when I lived at home with my family I always spent my free time in the summer at the pool at our country club down the street. Now that I’m living in the city I’m not even sure where people go to escape the heat and lay in the sun. Are there even pools in NYC? I know people go to the Hamptons and  Montauk on the weekends so maybe I’ll have to look into planning a  trip. I’ve still never been to Long Island!

I mentioned last week that I was heading to Jamaica with my family for a week-long getaway! I’m currently here and having a blast – more to come later – but I wanted to put together a video and post showing you my essentials for summer at the pool or beach. Most of these items (minus the towel) are now with me on my trip. One thing I did forget though when I put together this post (probably the most important thing) was sunscreen! Always remember your SPF – I’m crazy about it – my worst fear is being a wrinkly old granny! HAHA

- Katie


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