Outfit Remix | Cutout Top + Skater Skirt
I was wearing…
I first wore this look to a happy hour with a few friends last Friday, but with my new Zara sandals. Since I loved it so much I decided to remix it again on Sunday for an afternoon out around the city but this time with my Converse. I have this habit of when I find a piece of clothing I love (this Karen Kane top) I tend to re-wear that item multiple times in just a short span of days. True story I actually wore this blouse 4 days in a row once. I’m the same way with food too. I’ll eat something, get obsessed with it, won’t be able to stop thinking about it and then have to eat it continuously until I finally get sick of it. Right now my obsessions are chicken tacos from Chipotle and the mozzarella/chicken baguette sandwich from Pret-a-Manger. I guess it could be worse :/

- Katie


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