Feather Print | BCBG Dress + Theory Blazer
I was wearing…

Yesterday I met up with my friend Kat for a late lunch at The Standard Hotel and a little browsing around the Meatpacking District. Meatpacking has quickly become one of my favorite areas of the city. The cobblestone streets, luxury shops and sidewalk cafes are just so charming and offer a nice break from the busy hustle of the city. It’s quiet too and there aren’t many (if any) tourists at all – thus making it the perfect spot for Kat and I to take some photos!

I love this BCBG dress I purchased on clearance at the Saks 5th Avenue outlet store when I was in Florida last week. It’s versatile, lightweight and I love the feather print! Even though it’s cold now I can easily pair it with tights and blazer – but when it’s warm I know I can wear it minus the tights on its own.

Photos by Kat

- Katie


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