Dressing for the Season | Pink Gingham + Pearls
I was wearing…
I met up my friend yesterday afternoon for a quick iced tea at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and of course a blog photo session. One of the things we discussed was how it’s such an awkward time of year for choosing an outfit. Technically it’s springtime, but so far NYC has stubbornly been holding on to winter’s cold temperatures and the occasional snowstorm (yes it snowed Monday). All the stores, magazines and our fellow bloggers in warmer climates are now showcasing spring looks while we’re stuck trying to pick out an outfit in-line with the seasonal trends but also one where we don’t look completely out of place in our city.
I like this look because it’s transitional and can carry me through the awkward change in season. My trench and long-sleeved blouse keeps my upper body warm, while my mid-length skirt covers the top of my legs. As long as my upper body is warm I can deal with some chilly ankles.
How do you dress for a change in season? Anyone else struggling to put together looks at this time of year? Please tell me I’m not alone!

- Katie


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