My New York Fashion Week Experience
I worked a total of 7 shows this season and the above 4 were definitely my favorites -not necessarily because of the clothes but more so just for the presentation. (I mean when will I ever be able to afford Michael Kors collection…) I’m big on location and music – seriously a good soundtrack and a cool venue makes all the difference in my eyes. If you were wondering, watching a fashion show in person and trying to distinguish trends is actually really difficult, I don’t know how the editors do it. The models move so fast and it’s really hard to see anything unless you’re in the front few rows – which is why I usually head to afterwards to actually view the collections.
Anyways all these photos were taken by me on my little iPhone (usually held way up over my head in the standing section). My fashion week highlight was definitely Michael Kors collection. I ended up standing in an amazing spot at the end of the runway by the front row – thus my close up pictures. Still can’t believe I got that shot of Karlie Kloss (she’s my fave). Also Cara Delevingne cracks me up! The majority of the shows I worked she walked in and that girl is a total riot! It seriously made my day each time I was around her – the goofy personality definitely isn’t just for show.
My fashion week was crazy busy but somehow I was able to fit in a few blogger meetups. It was great finally getting to meet so many girls I’d connected with online in person and make that personal connection. In my New Year’s Resolutions post I talked about how I wanted to be more proactive and outgoing in meeting other bloggers and I’m so happy I’m achieving my goal.
Thank you again everyone for supporting me and giving such great feedback over the past few weeks! It’s been really fun taking you all on this journey with me through Twitter, Instagram etc. I’m happy to say though that my schedule has finally settled down and I’m going to be getting back to a more consistent blogging schedule. I have some fun videos, giveaways and partnerships lined up for the next few months so stay tuned 🙂
xo Katie

- Katie


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