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I was wearing…
To this day my “style” is still a work in progress. When I was in high school and college I went through so many phases of how I dressed. I even had a goth phase that lasted for about a month in ninth grade – very cringeworthy memories. When I moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina for college I immediately traded in my Abercrombie and Hollister for J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer and the North Face – popular brands seen on the majority of girls on my campus. I don’t want to think back on my fashion decisions as me being a follower (hate that term), but more so just another chapter in my personal style evolution. Trying something out is the best way to know if it works for you. 
Since starting this blog it’s gone through many changes. When I began I really had no clear direction for what I wanted this site to become, all I knew is that I liked fashion and makeup and needed a creative outlet. I didn’t set out to be a personal style blogger but over time and after reading many many blogs I realized that personal style blogs were my favorite type to read. I loved seeing how average women like myself took the day’s most popular trends and turned them into something wearable and attainable. 
Keywords: wearable and attainable. As much as I love fashion blogs, I think it’s safe to say that some of the outfits we see on fashion bloggers are not wearable nor are they attainable. And I think as a blogger I’m definitely guilty of wearing some trends and showing outfits that I normally wouldn’t have put together had I not been a blogger. I mean, how many 20-something women with careers actually wear bracelets stacked up to their elbows and a t-shirt layered on top of a sweatshirt layered on top of a button down? Can we all agree that fashion is exhausting?
I know that not everyone is going to like my style. I mean, personal style is so subjective. What’s “normal” in one woman’s eyes could be completely strange in another’s. But moving forward with Katie’s Bliss I really want my readers to view my style as attainable. I don’t just want to be a blogger who throws on a million bracelets just because all the other bloggers are doing it. I don’t want readers to look at my blog and think “no normal person would ever wear that.” I just want to be me: a college grad living and working in NYC, trying to pay her insane rent, saving up for the next Shopbop sale and impulse buying at H&M. I make mistakes just like everyone else and I’ll be the first to admit some of my outfits on this blog have been God-awful. I don’t want this blog to be about me having a holier-than-thou attitude regarding fashion. I want to showcase wearable and attainable looks and try out new trends in a way that’s flattering for my body.
The outfit I’m wearing above is 100% true to my personal style. It’s simple, classic and feminine. No excessive jewelry or layers or ridiculous combination of trends. Just a dress, trench, comfy shoes and accessories that make sense. These are the types of looks I want to showcase on Katie’s Bliss. 
If you took the time to read this whole spiel – then I thank you! Please let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to disagree. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and would love all of your input. 
xo Katie

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  1. Anna Harms says:

    Yes. This is exactly what you should be doing, and I totally support the decision 100%. ALSO…this is probably my favorite outfit of yours I’ve seen. The simplicity is perfection and that necklace, in my opinion, is major. LOVE.

  2. Ari says:

    I love what you wrote.I’m in the beginning stages of my blog and am trying to figure out where I want it to go. I’m figuring how I feel about my own style at this point in my life & love your style. Reading your post has inspired me to keep at it and continue of my blogging journey…so thank you.


  3. Rachel says:

    I enjoy that you wear brands like Target. Personally, I can’t afford much more than that so it’s refreshing to see. And I also love that you wear “casual outfit posts” sometimes- a nice sweater and jeans. Some bloggers only wear over-the-top dresses and heels and it’s frustrating!

  4. Taylor says:

    Amen! I read all of these blogs where people are buying and wearing the most ridiculously expensive things and it’s like… how the heck am I supposed to be able to relate to that?!! THANK YOU for keepin it real!

  5. Bravo! I have always been a little “out there” in terms of fashion. In high school, I was a punk rocker and I never really let go of that all the way, but now I’m 30 and a mom and a paralegal, so the neon yellow fishnets have to go for now. I love your style and I think that personal style is the best!

  6. Style Outlaw says:

    Thank you! I think that most bloggers wear the most unrealistic outfit and No real women could ever wear. And I personal enjoy your take on fashion and your style, we all have to be true to ourselves and show that.

  7. huongie says:

    Good for you, Katie! I’m in the same boat as you. I started blogging about faith, the arts I enjoy, and life experiences and have been doing that for a long time. But after a while, I wasn’t sure what my goals for my blog were.

    After following fashion bloggers this past year (I’m completely new to it all), I realized that I do enjoy fashion (because I didn’t even know what industry I wanted to work in) and have been looking for my personal style too. I’m in the process of re-doing my whole wardrobe, giving away the clothes that don’t fit my personality and am starting to rebrand my blog and figuring out what direction to take it in.

    I know how you feel. It’s hard because you want to please the public, but I think the most important thing is that we stay true to ourselves, even if it’s through clothes. I love it when bloggers post outfits with brands we all can relate to because not everyone can afford DVF, Celine, Louboutins, etc. That’s why I like Penny Pincher Fashion a lot too. She’s true to her style and her budget and people like that. I know that’s why I come back.

    For a blogger like me, my daily reads are of those with style I enjoy and can relate to. I don’t follow other bloggers just because they’re famous/popular. I follow them because I would wear the outfits they’re sharing. Remember, it doesn’t matter what others think. It’s YOUR creative outlet. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t be reading it.

    Your blog was one of the first ones I followed when I started in fashion and I although I hardly comment, I read all of your posts and follow you because you are real. 🙂

  8. Well said – I agree with what you are trying to showcase in your blog.

    Love the trench!


  9. Rachel Lynne says:

    Gorgeous trench and gorgeous navy dress! 🙂

  10. Samantha says:

    AMEN AMEN AMEN. My style is simple, and I like it that way, but so much of the time I feel like… should I be blogging this?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the big blogs for the abstract inspiration and the general prettiness, but my favorites are always the everyday style blogs. I’d rather see your style than “blogger style” any day of the week 🙂

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  11. Laura Guerra says:

    I love your honesty and confidence in wearing outfits that you feel comfortable in! I definitely agree on some fashion trends not always being “wearable” for work/school/etc. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that…

    I recently started following your blog, and I’ve found it to be truly inspirational and trendy (which I love)!

  12. Well said and much appreciated! Cheers to a new year filled with fun, cute and attainable fashion!


  13. Kristina says:

    Well said Katie! I love that trench, you’ve got great personal style.


    Kristina does the Internets

  14. Alyssa says:

    I just recently found & have started reading your blog, and I absolutely love what your wrote here! I think it’s so true! I think a lot of blogs have become almost like magazines, in that you like to look at them because they’re pretty but then you get upset because you feel like it’s so unachievable. But a blog isn’t suppose to be a magazine…it’s supposed to be real people doing real things.



  15. Janine says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you! I have to lead a normal life and for that I need fairly ‘normal’ clothes. Although I try to let my creativity and style show through in amongst my ‘normality’

    I am really enjoying your blog and one of the main reasons is that your looks are wearable. I want to be inspired by fashion blogs to create outfits that push me a little bit but that I am still comfortable in. Even though it may be in fashion or on the latest catwalks at London fashion week, I do NOT think turning up for work in a purple polka dot ball gown and 7 inch wedge heels is definitely not going to get me that promotion I am after or inspire my blog readers lol (just an example there, not sure I have ever seen a purple polka dot ballgown on a runway, correct me if I am wrong though…)

    Have a lovely Thursday. You look stunning as ever!!

    Janine xx

  16. You are so naturally gorgeous & this simple look back to your new, vintage #spark, looks amazing! Thanks for becoming such good friends with us! So much exciting stuff to come……

    sweet & spark

  17. Marion says:

    This is my first comment on your blog even though I have been following you for a while. I don’t usually comment on blogs, even if I really like them, but I just wanted to respond to what you said in your post!
    What makes me come back to your blog is exactly that you show your real style, and that includes being on a budget! Although I love designers, I am in a similar situation as you are budget-wise, so I get my inspiration from “high-end” styles and blogs but then try to interpret them with pieces I find at H&M, Forever21, Target or thrift stores.
    Your style is highly creative and I love how you combine more expensive pieces with affordable fashion from stores like H&M. Just keep doing what you are doing, and if your post was brought on by some critiques, just keep positive! I like your blog for what it is.

  18. I’m so glad that you are posting looks that are true to your style! I’m sick of seeing bloggers just wear all of these pretty, yet ridiculous looks that the average girl wouldn’t necessarily wear. I’m so glad that I have your blog for inspiration. Being a teenage girl, I still trying to find myself and my style. Your blog shows me that I don’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing to seem fashionable.

    I’m such a fan of your blog and your Youtube videos. Thank you so much for staying true to you!

  19. I love seeing how people style dresses for this cold weather! It looks great with those simple booties!

    The Weekend Diary

  20. Joe says:

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  21. I definitely agree with you. I am in my first 6 months of blogging and one of the things that I always want to stick with is my own style and showcasing looks that people can get inspiration from. It’s one of the reasons I love personal style blogs so much. Keep up the fab true to self outfits, love your style.

  22. Michaela says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Sarah Beth says:

    Love that dress!

    Thank you for posting this! Sometimes bloggers do strive to be like other bloggers. I know I am guilty of trying to look like some of the blogs I admire. But isn’t the point of blogging to express yourself? Otherwise, aren’t you wasting a lot of time and energy? We need to all get back on the originality train and embrace our differences. Thank you for being honest!

  24. Milex says:

    hands down amazing again

  25. Those shoes are ADORABLE!!!

  26. Julie says:

    Beautiful dress! You look great! xo, Julie

  27. I’ve been eyeing a trench like that! It looks amazing on you! 🙂 Thank for stoping by my blog! following you via bloglovin hope you’ll do the same 🙂

    xoxo, Tiffany

  28. So great!!!! I love it!!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Found your blog a coupe of months ago and have been enjoying all your posts ever since, although I’ve never commented before (here or on any other blog!). I enjoy your style because I can see myself wearing so many of the same outfits. Because of this you have inspired me to try some combinations I would have never tried without seeing them on you first. Keep doing exactly what you are doing because I belive 95 percent of all your posts are exactly this at the moment – wearable and attainable – and that is why I enjoy them so much.


  30. I loved this outfit sooo much more than your regular posts. Don’t get me wrong, you have put together some great outfits before, but this one just feels so special. If I hadn’t seen the message below this post, I would have still thought that.
    Nowadays some fashion bloggers are so conceited with their outfit choices, flashing brand names and just wearing things because they are “in”. I’m glad that you’re interested in showcasing your STYLE and not just fashion and keeping it attainable, because not everyone can afford a $300 pair of shoes or a $50 T-shirt to layer over a dozen other things.

    Where I’m from fashion is usually easy to obtain, but I don’t want to be wearing the same thing as everyone else. (Especially because I don’t like every fad that comes around.)
    Fashion is always changing, but style lasts forever. So stay true to your style, Katie. It’s more worth it and people will love you for it.
    BTW I love the royal blue on you, I really think it’s your colour.

    I also keep a blog, but it’s beauty-oriented, (I’m from Barbados btw) you could check it ut if you’d like.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Jen says:

    Hi Katie, your blog and youtube channel are the first I’ve ever followed. Since then, I loved what you showed to your readers/viewers. I also love how you showcase wearable outfits. My style is different from yours but I can always find inspirations in your posts. 🙂 xoJen

  33. H Strother says:

    I absolutely love your style! I hope to one day have a blog myself, and am very much so inspired by yours!

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