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Bye Bye 2012: Year in Review

2012 was definitely a big year for me, Graduating college, moving to NYC, working at New York Fashion Week, getting my first job – it has been a year of many life changes. It’s also been a big year for Katie’s Bliss! I started this blog and my YouTube channel just as a side hobby and I couldn’t be happier that something I’m so passionate about has turned into a part time career. Each month my readers and viewers go up and now that I’m in NYC I have a few fun projects I’m working on for 2013 that I hope you’ll all love. Thank you so much for joining me here and supporting my endeavors! 2012 has been wonderful and I’m hoping 2013 will be even better (despite the fact I despise the number 13). 
In honor of the New Year I’d suggest pinning this graphic to one of you Pinterest boards! I pinned mine to my Quoteables board – it’s basically the place where I pin the things I’m thinking and any inspiring quotes!

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Party Dress Picks

When it comes to special occasions I’m all for purchasing a dress that I know I can wear again. Statement dresses are great, but if you never have another occasion to wear it to – is it really worth the money? All the dresses above are perfect for not only NYE (I know I’m a little late on the obligatory post) but any party/school dance/wedding/etc where you need to get dressed up. Shopbop has some really great party dress options if you’re looking to find a wear-it-multiple-times frock. To this day I am still wearing a few dresses I bought for dances in high school that now work for other occasions. I’m all for getting my money’s worth 😛
Party Dress Picks

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