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October via Instagram

I’ve officially been employed at my job for one month! I feel like it’s been much longer just because I’ve learned a lot and taken on so much responsibility in such a small period of time. Here you can see an example of my typical work attire taken via mirror shot before I leave my apartment in the mornings. A spread of makeup at a beauty editor preview I worked. A clear view of the empire state building snapped on my morning walk to work. And some designer samples spotted around the showroom at the office. 

Nick and I definitely took advantage of October’s beautiful weather before Hurricane Sandy hit this week. We visited the 9/11 Memorial, the High Line, Chelsea Market and walked around Washington Square Park, Soho and the West Village. We celebrated Halloween last Friday – I took the easy route and dressed up as kitty cat. I also got a chance to film a beauty video for my YouTube channel. Keep a lookout for my favorite fall nail polishes + a giveaway coming in the next few days!
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Pajama Pants

I was wearing…
Alright so I want your thoughts on this look. I personally like it because it may just be the comfiest ensemble in my closet and the earth toned colors reminds me of fall. However I know some people may have different opinions than me on the “pajama” pant trend. Nick was very confused when I told him I wanted to take pictures wearing this outfit. He was like “you’re really going to wear your MC Hammer pants on the blog?” Clearly he doesn’t get this trend. Let me know below what you think! Pajama inspired pants? Yay or nay?

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