A Little Retro

Even though I really didn’t have any big plans for the 4th of July, I had so much fun getting dressed up in this patriotic retro-inspired pool look. I wore my favorite swimsuit, this red plunge one piece by French lingerie brand Eres with a matching bandeau. Of course I had to wear something star print so this high low skirt added the perfect touch. All in all I had a great day by the pool with my family. How was your 4th of July?
I was wearing…
Target sunglasses

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  1. Taylor says:

    you’re gorgeous! so glad i am following your blog.
    love your patriotic look. 🙂

  2. Rory says:

    That bathing suit is SO chic! I need to get a one piece. All the girls my age wear bikinis but I really prefer one pieces–and you’ve proved how chic they can be! This outfit is SO patriotic! 🙂
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    Win an item of your choice from my closet!

  3. Cathy says:

    Love this retro patriotic look! Inspirational, girl!


  4. M'loes says:

    So cute! Love the retro look!

    Ps I want to invite you to my Give Away on my blog, hope to see you there!

  5. Emily says:

    I really love this cute retro look. That skirt is adorable.

  6. Callie says:

    Definitely a darling poolside look! I love that you kept with the festive holiday colors and prints without going overboard. Adorable and perfect for summer!


  7. LoveT. says:

    Great Outfit ,you look gorgeous 🙂


  8. Karolina B-H says:

    I’m loving the red color on YOU!! and lovely sunglasses too 😉

  9. Those sunnies are a FAB target find! Glad I found your blog!


  10. the swimsuit is adorable!

  11. sarameugh says:

    WOW you’re gorgeous . and i looove this outfit!
    Sara xx

  12. Velvet Bloom says:

    absolutely adore how you styled that bathing suit! totally following 🙂 follow back if you like

  13. That is a darling outfit for the 4th. Love the retro look.

  14. LOSAWAY says:

    A great outfit! Love the skirt 🙂


  15. maxime says:

    You look stunning! and I absolutely LOVE your swimsuit and matching bandeau! and the sunglasses! I simply love EVERYTHING!

  16. Deppa says:

    Fabulous outfit! I love retro inspiration.
    Is funny because you wanted a pathriotic outfit and you were looking like a barbie doll, but that is pathriotic too, right? 😀

    Have a pretty day,
    see you!

  17. Lauren says:

    Adorable! That skirt is super cute. It’s always fun to wear vintage inspired outfits.


  18. Cindy C. says:

    Your outfit is just simply PERFECT!! :DD There are no other words to describe it- simply AMAZING! Great styling, great blog! Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am now following you! <3

    Cindy C.

  19. Ile Odarod says:

    I love the color! and it looks really comfortable!

    im your new follower. care to follow back?

    A Hint of Sunlight

  20. Sabina says:

    Hy, Tahnk you for comment my blog, so I´ve known about yours. I like your style, it´s fresh and you are so pretty! I´m your new follower 😉
    feline inspiration.

  21. Sparkle says:

    so pretty! love it!


  22. Stacy says:

    There is never can be too much retro))


  23. Eeva says:

    Such a lovely look 🙂 so feminine and of course, retro<3 Would you like to follow each other? I'm now following you on GFC and on Bloglovin' too!

    xoxo Eeva

  24. I love how you turned your swimsuit into a top… fabulous retro look!

  25. you look amazing:) love the dress:) and the color fits you amazingly well.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  26. Love this outfit! You look so pretty!


  27. Beautiful indeed honey…
    would you mind to follow each other?
    xx shey

  28. Francesca says:

    I love your outfit and your blog! You are very pretty and have great style!


  29. Kayleigh says:

    O wow I love the retro inspired look.So glamourous,I think the colour red always adds a bit of glam to any outfit.
    I love the combination of the red and navy,so classic,you certainly know how to dress pool side 🙂
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
    Following your fab blog for many more style tips and inspiration.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  30. Elekon says:

    this is fantastic! you look so fab!

  31. Hi Katie! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. No pressure to accept or repost…just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog!

  32. molly says:

    I love the top its so cute!
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment =)
    Follow each other?
    Let me know at http://rediculousredhead.blogspot.com

  33. Juju says:

    I love this outfit (star skirt is wonderful)!
    you are so pretty


  34. My goodness, what a perfect look! That swimsuit is an absolute dream – wow! So flattering. Hope you had a happy 4th! 🙂


  35. love the look it’s perfect!<3 and the skirt is adorable. Have a happy 4th of July 😀

  36. great style

    like your blog

    do you want follow each other?



  37. Erlia Pang says:

    U’re so pretty!
    Love your swimsuit and polkadot skirt 🙂


  38. Elena says:

    What a beautiful retro look! You look absolutely stunning! Love this skirt!

  39. Alissa says:

    I love how this swimsuit looks exactly like a top and how beautiful it works!

  40. Katie,

    I love your background (of course). Reminds me of Victoria’s Secret. =)

    And this outfit is to die for. Plus, you are freakin’ gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog! Newest follower. =)

  41. cherie says:

    wonderful styling! red looks fab on you. you look like a vintage pin up girl here with the red lip 🙂

    Parade of Dresses

  42. Heather says:

    Love this skirt! You look pin up perfection 🙂


  43. you look so amazing! that skirt is fabulous, I lvoe star prints! loving the second photo 😉

    Drawing Dreaming

  44. Cat says:

    I loved your retro look, so pretty. thanks for your comment on http://teammode.blogspot.com Xoxo Cat

  45. Bravo Style says:

    Adorable! I really love that headband. Where is it from? I like how you matched it like spot-on with your suit! Cute!


  46. love this look! definitely old school glamour 😉 that red lipstick looks awesome on you!!

    xo SideSmile,

    Ps. Don’t forget to enter my
    Bandiez Couture Headband Giveaway

  47. GlassesShop says:

    Such a lovely look

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