Wishlist: Loafers

I’ve been going through a heel phase over the past few months but after a day of walking around New York City I have to say my feet are lusting for some comfortable loafers. I had a full day of interviews and meetings in the city last week and if it wasn’t for a pair of trusty flats I would not have made it through the day. Below are a few pairs of loafers I could see myself wearing within any price range. 
Gotta Have It



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  1. I really like the Mossimo for Target Vonne loafers, Louboutins and Burberry of course! I have a black patent leather pair of loafers that my mom got in Europe from Ralph Lauren before I was even born that she recently passed on to me and they are my favorite shoes that aren’t boots


  2. Katrien says:

    The loafers from Asos are nice! I ordered a pair from River island

  3. Ellen H. says:

    AGGGGHHH those burberry tassled loafers are theeee best.


  4. I have the MK loafers, and they are amazing! Once broken in (ouch– pack bandaids) they are so soft and comfy. I totally recommend them :)

  5. ooohhh, loafer!!! i really want to buy a pair from Amanda Janes. by the way, i send you email. check it out :D

  6. Beautiful loafers! They look so comfy :)

  7. Diva In Me says:

    I like the 2 in the LUST category.. They are adorable! I guess that’s why they are in the LUST.. =D

  8. haha this post is so cool how like the $400 are lust and stuff!

    you have a really cute blog here :)



  9. Love those tartan loafers by Louboutin! They are in-sane! :)


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