The Coziest of Sweaters

During the winter I am all about sweaters but for some reason it is just not getting cold this year! North Carolina is still reaching temperatures in the 70s and even the northeast is warmer than usual. While home in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving there were a few days cold enough for me to break out my favorite comfy looks. Introducing my J. Crew Dream Dolman over sized sweater. Words cannot describe how much of a dream this sweater actually is. It’s the perfect blend of wool, cashmere and nylon plus it is incredibly warm. I have feeling I will be wearing this a lot once the temperatures drop for good. Do you have a favorite go-to sweater for wintertime?

My grandparents’ havanese Picabo. His fluffy fur pairs well with my sweater don’t you think?
I was wearing…
J. Crew dream dolman sweater (Now on sale! Snatch it while you can!)
J. Crew necklace

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11 Responses to The Coziest of Sweaters

  1. Elle says:

    love your necklace! and it’s perfect with your sweater!

  2. Silvertigo says:

    Beautiful outfit, you look really chic! xoxo

  3. Lacey says:

    I love sweaters for fall/winter weather! I also adore your necklace, SO pretty!

    Love, Lacey

  4. this whole outfit is so J.Crew catalogue…and that is a good thing! love the top knot to tie it all together (pun not intended…or that one haha)

  5. Andrea says:

    lovely outfit 🙂

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  7. Musa says:

    Loved that outfit! So cute <3

  8. i love your outfit especially the necklace! very pretty and classic 🙂

  9. peony says:

    Katie,you’re adorable!

    with love from Ukraine

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