DIY: The Spotlight Nail

Now that I’ve finally grasped the art of basic nail painting (my mom painted my nails for me up until I was 19) I’ve moved on to some more advanced and creative manicures. After seeing a nail tutorial on I decided to recreate a simpler look using the leftover gold glitter from my Miu Miu-inspired glitter heels. What resulted is what I am now calling the “spotlight nail.” I first painted all my nails using one of my favorite polishes, Estée Lauder Extravagant Pearl, but instead of letting my ring fingers dry I sprinkled on a little bit of the gold glitter. Such a fun and easy way to “bling out” an otherwise simple manicure
Estée Lauder nail lacquer in Extravagant Pearl + extra fine gold glitter


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16 Responses to DIY: The Spotlight Nail

  1. love the gold!
    looks good babe!

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  2. I love this style of manicure… and yours looks fab!!

  3. nicole says:

    that color is beautiful! i love how it looks contrasting to the gold glitter! what a great mani <3 xoxoxo

  4. Miss Jess says:

    This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!!

    <3, J

  5. love that!

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  6. Imke says:

    I love that golden glitter! ♥

    Xo, Imke

  7. Lischen says:

    Looks great! You’re so cute!
    I have many nail designs on my blog! You’re welcome to check it out and follow if you like!!


  8. I really like it, I’ve to try it.

  9. I really like it, I’ve to try it.

  10. I really like it, I’ve to try it.

  11. erikaloca says:

    Awesome! Imma try that soon. I also do that on my nails but I haven’t tried putting glitters on.

    check out my blog here:

    I usually post nail art, swatches and lots of outfit photos

  12. Thanks for the link.It contains a very impressive tutorial of nail art.

  13. My girl got crazy after looking at them, she needs it asap, now i have to search for the same.

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