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DIY: Leather Wrap Bracelets

I’ve become completely obsessed with DIY projects and after my latest DIY Glitter Shoes I decided to take on jewelry. While browsing Honestly…WTF I came upon a DIY tutorial for leather wrap bracelets and decided to attempt them on my own. My version varies slightly but it’s the same general idea.

Image via Honestly…WTF
my bracelets

You’ll need (for a double wrapped bracelet):

  • 40 inches of 1.5mm or 2mm leather cord (pick a neutral color)
  • 12 inches of crystal chain
  • 60 inches of waxed cotton cord (pick a bright color)
  • a 1/4″ brass hex nut (I bought a pack of four at a hardware store)
  • a pair of scissors
All of these supplies can be found in the jewelry/beading section of the craft store, minus the hex nut. 
Since I got a lot of great feedback from my viewers on YouTube saying that they wanted to see a video for how to make the bracelets I just decided to film one instead of writing a blog post. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’m nearing 6,000 subscribers!

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Clean & Crisp

May I introduce you to my Brooks Brothers dress shirt. When I wear it I feel like I’m wearing one of my boyfriend’s shirts, except one made just for me complete with pink stripes. There is just something about a crisp, freshly pressed dress shirt that I love. I decided to add a statement bib necklace around the collar of my shirt to add something extra. Wasn’t sure if it worked but after seeing these pictures I may have to pair statement necklaces with dress shirts more often. 
Notice I’m missing a cufflink on my right arm? Just got this shirt dry-cleaned and accidentally misplaced a cufflink. Thankfully my boyfriend Nick had the genius idea of using a safety pin in its place. Luckily I found the cufflink later in the day!


I was wearing…
J. Crew shorts
Forever 21 necklace
Target cat-eye sunglasses

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