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Fall Fashion Trends + Clothes Hound Store Visit


I recently had the opportunity to visit Clothes Hound, a local boutique in Raleigh (they’re online as well) to try on some of their fall fashions. I put together seven different outfits incorporating trends that I’m excited to try this fall. One of my favorite trends for the fall would have to be blush tones. My favorite piece that I tried on was a Paper Crown (Lauren Conrad’s new clothing line) Grecian-inspired floor length gown. It was so casual but so sophisticated. The design definitely brings maxi dresses to whole other level.
I made a video documenting the seven fall outfits I picked out. Please watch it and also subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Keep reading for more pictures as well as details on the clothing!


Paper Crown Clementine Dress
This was my favorite piece of the day. This dress would be perfect to wear to a wedding, summer party or even casually


I love the feminine floral detail on this menswear inspired dress. Such a fashionable oxymoron!
I personally bought these boots at the end of the day. I needed a pair and these were perfect! Love the distressed brown leather.
I can’t wait until the day I can own a Chanel bag. Until then little inspired quilted bags like this are a good substitute!
Ruffle Shoulder top by C Luce, Paper Crown Hudson short
I really liked this asymetrical moto jacket! A great statement piece for fall.
Reminds me of the Chanel quilted bags, but much less expensive!
Mosaic Cut Tunic Top by C Luce, I loved the cool, lightweight fabric. I’m always a fan of bright colors for fall!
Love stacking my bracelets!
Back of the Paper Crown Clementine dress
Cinched this GLAM Paisley Babydoll dress at the waist with a one-size-fits-all belt
A cute clutch is always a good substitute for a purse

Thanks so much to Clothes Hound for letting me play around in their store! It was fun trying on all the outfits. I hope you all liked the video I put together! Please let me know which outfit is your favorite.

All the clothing mentioned can be bought at 

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Ladylike Lace + Blog Name Change!


I’m finally back at school gearing up for my last fall semester of college. Time really does fly! Can’t believe I’m a senior already! After grabbing a Starbucks at the campus coffee shop my boyfriend and I did a little exploring around campus. I am really blessed to go to such a beautiful southern school. The charm really never wears off even though it’s my fourth year here. After checking out the new bookstore we stopped to take some pictures in the gardens. I wore my new lace skirt from Forever21 paired with a J Crew button down. I’ve really surprised myself by becoming a skirt fanatic this summer. Never was much into them until I realized I couldn’t wear jeans or shorts to work at my internship. Don’t you just love growing up?


I was wearing…
Forever21 lace skirt
J Crew casual button down
Gap t-shirt
Steve Madden sandals
Michael Kors shoulder bag
Forever 21 necklace
Target cat-eye sunglasses
On another note! I changed my blog name and url to Katie’s Bliss! I wanted something a little more personal with my name in it so I thought that Katie’s Bliss was fitting. What do you think? 
Also please keep checking back later this week! I have some really exciting posts coming up and I’m also planning my very first giveaway


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