Sephora Hello Kitty Collection

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved Hello Kitty. I had Hello Kitty pens, notebooks, a backpack, and a lunch box. I even had Hello Kitty clothing. To me it only maakes sense that companies should make Hello Kitty makeup. I remember when MAC came out with the Hello  Kitty collection about 2 years ago. I bought almost ever product.
Now Sephora is coming out with their own Hello Kitty line and I can’t wait! This collection differs from MAC’s collection because it is a little bit more girly. MAC’s collection was more hip and retro. The packaging was black and featured a mod-looking Hello Kitty face. Sephora’s collection is pink, sparkly, and will definitely add glamour to your everyday routine. 
Check out what I will be buying from the Sephora Hello Kitty Collection:

Say Hello Palette – Happy Fun ($35)

The Happy Fun palette includes:
- Ice Cream (pearl white) eyeshadow
- Airplane (taupe) eyeshadow
- Chocolate Milk (brown) eyeshadow
- Peppermint (sage green) eyeshadow
- Baby Pink (pink) lip gloss
- Peach Pudding (peach) lip gloss
- Strawberry Jam (dark pink) lip gloss
- Springtime (apricot) lip gloss 

Apple Cheeks ($22)

Sweet Gloss ($16)

Say Hello Palette – Super Fun ($35)

The Super Fun palette includes:
- Raindrop (gray) eyeshadow
- Sugar Plum (pale lilac) eyeshadow
- Sweet Plum (purple) eyeshadow
- Goodnight Dreams (black) eyeshadow
- Sweet Plum (purple) lip gloss
- Pink Confetti (pink) lip gloss
- Strawberry Cookies (brownish pink) lip gloss
- Snowflake (white) lip gloss 

Nail Art Stickers ($5)

Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick ($16)

Will you be purchasing anything from the Hello Kitty Sephora collection? Thoughts? Do you think it will be any better than MAC’s Hello Kitty collection?

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22 Responses to Sephora Hello Kitty Collection

  1. Hello there , well in my opinion i think MAC’s Hello Kitty is better i mean the packaging is nicer and most importantly is the quality..

  2. Katie says:

    Yeah MAC’s collection was great but I’m looking forward to the variety of products in Sephora’s collection. It should be interesting to compare :)

  3. Yeah you’re right. That way we know which one is better right. I say go for it. If i were you , i’ll be definitely purchasing it. Right know i kinda broke ( too much shopping already) haha.. =)

  4. thank goodness we don’t have sephora in australia – otherwise i’d go broke – the HK collection is just too cute. i’d cave and have absolutely no will power when it comes to cute packaging >.<

  5. Bart Baggett says:

    Looking forward to reading more. Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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