One of the best things about NYC is all the fun spots to try with my girlfriends! Whether you live locally or are visiting for the weekend, this guide is packed with all things perfect to visit with your girls!

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May 18, 2018
Tips & Advice

I can’t believe we leave for Italy tonight! We’re making a quick 2-day stop in Rome, however most of our trip will be spent exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast. I’m basically feeling jump up and down, pee in my pants excited (not literally…) but you get what I mean! For those of you who have asked me to share our itinerary: don’t worry! I’ll 100% be recapping everything in a travel

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Yesterday on a whim I asked you guys for book recommendations on my Instagram Story and was blown away by not only all the different suggestions I was sent, but the amount of requests for me to put together a summer 2018 reading list! So what does any normal person in my situation do? Spend two hours sorting every single book and the number of times it was recommended into an

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