Over the last year Instagram Stories have become one of my absolute favorite ways to share content online. I love getting creative with mine (especially when I travel) and I’m always looking for new apps and tools that allow me to add something special and different to my photos and videos. Let’s face it. The Instagram algorithm absolutely sucks. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to grow a following and engagement is down across

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January 19, 2018
Shopping & Sales

We made it to Friday! Time to bring on the red wine and weekend wear! Nick and I don’t have any specific plans on our agenda, but after seeing the balmy weather forecast (it’s gonna be in the 50s!) I’m hoping I can drag him out for a little exploring. Maybe Central Park? Or a walk around the Upper East Side? We’ll see! LOOK 1 // Beige Sweater | Similar Navy

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Slumps. Funks. We all fall into one from time to time. This time of year can be tough for a lot of people– the holidays are over, work starts to get busy and spring is still months away. It can be depressing especially when you have those deja vu weeks where it feels like you’re putting energy towards the same rotation of work, family and friend commitments over and over again.

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